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FLTC Intermediate Program is designed for athlete from around 9 to 13 years old. We strongly believe that athletes of that age group should develop a wide variety of sport skills. This will result in children with diverse athletic proficiencies and a higher likelihood of them finding a life-long sport. We encourage parents to expose their children to as many sports as possible.

Training is tailored to the age level of participants with an emphasis on fun. Ideal for young athletes participating in any sport, our program targets the basic skills of running, jumping, and throwing that are an intrinsic part of almost every sport. Improving these abilities will transfer to increased performance in almost any sport. Functional movement skills (joints mobility, stability and coordination) are evaluated and developed. Intermediate program is based on Athletics Canada\'s popular "Run Jump Throw" program. We concentrate on developing the ability to run, jump and throw correctly in these young athletes. At the same time, we expose the athletes to many of the Olympic Track & Field events, and encourage them to develop their ability to perform and enjoy these events. This emphasis allows children to gain knowledge of Track & Field and also develop the skills of running, jumping, and throwing that are common to so many sports. Mental skills important is sport such as confidence, focus, relaxation, are introduced.

Intermediate athletes are invited to train twice a week (see our Facebook page for specific time and location). The program is available during the indoor and outdoor seasons. FLTC membership includes registration to Athletics NB, access to training facilities, and coaching fees. Novice athletes are supervised by coaches that are NCCP trained and have filed a police security check.


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